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– As soon as I receive your contact I’ll send you immediately my feedback on your request. Usually after the touch up of first important aspects of your dream, I work few days on the requests to pop up with some solutions that may be in line with your wishes along with my service quote based on your necessities

– It’d be great to schedule a Skype call together! I always love to know new people and hear new romantic stories while sipping a hot choco together. If you wish I’m at your disposal for a complimentary call with no time limitation (talking about your wedding is too pleasant to stop after 10 minutes don’t you agree?)

– All the datas above are terribly important to get the real deal of your project and allow me to show you what are truly the best options for your wedding in Italy

– Budget: as you have seen above I specific ask for a “wedding budget” related only to the creation of the event itself. When working with destination weddings, there are several “different” things to be taken care of, things you wouldn’t care back at home, as accommodations of your guests, welcome parties etc , but we need to start from a secure point, that’s your wedding, to create nicely all the rest of the project. Once we got in contact you can describe me in even the wee details your project !

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Full Planning

Getting married in Tuscany , my home, is something that, you’ll realize soon during your preparation, goes beyond any imagination. Food, venues, colours, landscapes, people, sounds here seem almost created

Day of-coverage

You have already selected and booked all the perfect vendors for your special day, everything is sorted out nicely, contracts have been signed , deposit paid, all settled.

Guests Concierge

Guests remember first of all how they felt at your wedding, from that emotion they can remember all the details you have worked on Their memory of your day will highlight yours forever


If you are looking for a qualified expertise in helping you out with the legalities for your civil ceremony in Italy , this is the perfect service for you