My name is Silvia Bargagni

My surname is actually difficult to say also in Italian, no one remembers it the way it is, no one gets it correctly at first when I say it, so don’t worry too much if you can’t read it properly, for a good part of the universe I’m just  Silvia Magnolia

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What should couples expect from living the “Magnolia Experience”?

“Let excellence be your brand When you are excellent, you become unforgettable Doing the right thing, even when nobody knows you are doing it or sees you, will always bring that right thing back to you”


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Do you work only in Tuscany?
Do you have your own team of thrust vendors?

Are you charging a flat fee or a percentage fee?
How many hours of communications do we get with your packages?


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Striving to find always the best way to get a more glittering “Magnolia Experience” for my couples, I lately have ended up partnering with the best online professional platform to help us working on their destination wedding projects more easily.


Magnolia Wedding Planner made our dream wedding in Tuscany a reality.
Silvia was with us every step of the way, helping us with the legalities and finer details. Quite simply, don’t get married without her! John and Kate Mackenzie, Australia.

We had such a great experience with Silvia! We are based in Dubai, so we needed a planner we could rely on heavily to arrange the entire wedding day. She handled everything professionally and always with a charm and smile, which made her a pleasure to work with. Everything on the day went perfectly.  Katy&Charlie

Incredible wedding planner no messing around and extremely creative. We got the best package and it was worth every penny. We had our wedding in three different locations and none of it was an issue for her. She was great on Skype and never missed an email. Ellie&Ben

Full Planning

Getting married in Tuscany, my home, is something that, you’ll realize soon during your preparation, goes beyond any imagination
Dive into the luxurious feeling of being totally assisted during your wedding organization

Day of-coverage

You have already selected and booked all the perfect vendors for your special day, everything is sorted out nicely, contracts have been signed, deposit paid, all settled.
Let’s complete the jigsaw of your wedding together

Guests Concierge

Your wedding can’t be a complete success if your guests are not feeling “cuddled” before, during their stay and while enjoying the wedding. A Guests Concierge service is the cherry on top of the wedding organization


If you are looking for a qualified expertise in helping you out with the legalities of your civil ceremony in Italy, this is the perfect service for you
An “SOS emergency service” can be activated if needed

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