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When planning a Luxury Destination Wedding in Italy, it seems that all steps are difficult and complex and that finding the perfect venue for your once in a lifetime event is an impossible task.

You are right: finding the perfect matching venue and vendors to your project, to your dreams and personalities is not so easy, but the even more difficult part is to create the necessary positive “team-energy” that is so needed to have access to an incredible, beyond expectations and unique Wedding because it’s that energy, the creativity of the storytelling behind your initial dreams, the ability to turn a vision into an unexpected reality , the genius touch to coordinate immaculately the event, what a perfect Wedding creation and production is really about.

To assist you at the best, Magnolia has selected some of the most outstanding and nonpareil venues for your top notch Wedding.
This is just a very small selection of some of the extraordinary possibilities, very few options that are for many reasons among the best qualified partners approved by Magnolia high expertise.

Magnolia does not “sell” a venue, does not “suggest” a venue, because creating a one of a kind Wedding is not only about having the perfect venue in our hands, it’s about knowing the couple’s expectations and wishes, what they desire to create, the mood, the atmosphere, the senses that are stimulated by every color, smell, texture and sound. It’s about talent and passion, it’s about expertise and hard work.

The perfect venue cannot be enough, you need a qualified professional assistance to create your dream.

Take this list as what it is, a pure list, then contact me to talk about your project to find the perfect organization and story telling project that will gift you an unforgettable Wedding in Italy.

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