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San Galgano Abbey Wedding
Jade & Phil

What I always will remember for sure of Jade it’s her laugh, her smiling face who stand up against any adversity and just take life with a big loving heart and a great joy. I believe this job is teaching me so much indeed. Phil, on the contrary, was a kind and a bit shy groom who totally in love of his bride-to-be was ready to do whatever she wished just to make her happy. And the task of “making her happy” had been incredibly an easy task in my experience.

They were looking for a countryside venue, a Borgo where to accommodate with the majority of their guests and have the chance to spend a 3 days holiday period with them in sunny Tuscany before heading back to Uk where all guests were from. The breakthrough in our scouting process had been the selection of the ceremony venue which was, in this case, the priority for the couple, and what a venue! The famous San Galgano Abbey in the heart of the Siena countryside, one of the most spectacular Abbey in Italy, a venue where all the most acclaimed musicians and opera singers play every beginning of summer season, a venue that is still so full of spirituality in what is left among its ruins. An Abbey where you just have the sky as your ceiling and the wind and birds as your organs.

Jade & Phil fell in love with San Galgano straight away from the very first photo sent and were eager to find the perfect near the venue for their reception which we found in Tenuta di Papena, the lovely borgo just 5 minutes away from the Abbey.

The wedding day, a warm and long mid-May day, started with Jade preparation held in her room in Papena, she decided to get ready be her own and I have to admit that she did a stunning job with her make up and hairstyle. The dress chosen was a romantic styled gown with some touches recalling the 20’s to match her hair and make up style, so a very classy bride. The handheld flowers were just an amazingly simple bunch of dried lavender, that had been used for most of the rest of decorations, that gave a special vintage and shabby look to the wedding, so romantic

The ceremony, I don’t have to underline this, had been a unique one being held in such a spectacular venue and it has been a legal one officiated by the City Hall. After the ceremony, while the newlyweds got their photos and video done inside the amazing Abbey, guests had been escorted to the opposite farmhouse for a light lunch cocktail being the ceremony late morning.

Mid-afternoon all guests had been transferred to Tenuta Papena where they welcomed bride & groom at their arrival and had relaxing aperitifs and antipasti at the infinity swimming pool till the sunset when finally the dinner had been served in the traditional Tuscan court of the Borgo.

The wedding cake had been a special moment as Jade had a surprise cake for Phil made with her hands along with the caterer one to cut, so we ended up having 2 cutting of the cake!

Venue & Caterer : Tenuta di Papena
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Videographer : 2become1
Dj : Gaetano Sicari DJ