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Meet Silvia

I know how it feels, I know how YOU feel deciding to get married abroad, because I’ve been in your shoes.
That’s why working with me it’s so special

My name is Silvia Bargagni

My surname is actually difficult to say also in Italian, no one remembers it the way it is, no one gets it correctly at first when I say it, so don’t worry too much if you can’t read it properly, for a good part of the universe I’m just Silvia Magnolia (especially when I book restaurants).

I was born on 8th April 1973 ,I always tell my age quite aloud as I’m ,believe it or not, proud of it and of my birth date: 8 is the sign of abundance and infinity , April is the month of “beginnings” and “courage” and well 1973…wasn’t it a fantastic year for music? just think about “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.
It pretty sums up a lot what a mesmerizing wedding organization is about, don’t you agree?

I was born and grew up in Florence, one of the most romantic and beautiful cities around the globe, the heart of Renaissance, home of Medici family: where I live, love and work.
After a degree in accountancy, after some years spent in London (UK) studying at Kings College and working, refining this way my english, plus some years spent between a managing job in Filofax Italy and my own business of financial consultant, I quit my job to follow what I believed was my mission.

Life is not meant to be hard, so working on something that makes me smile all day long, it’s a golden jackpot to me

I created the very first version of Magnolia back in 2005 when I got married myself abroad in Fiji islands ( 26 never ending flight hours from Italy, yes)
I know how it feels, I know how YOU feel deciding to get married abroad, because I’ve been in your shoes: amazingly excited and awfully afraid I’ve started studying and working wedding organizations since then and I’m, if possible, enjoying it every day more and more.

That’s why working with me it’s so special
Welcome into my world!

Silvia Bargagni
Founder & CEO Magnolia Wedding Planner

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I believe that every couple and every wedding project is unique and totally unrepeatable, therefore a
review from someone else who got different ideas and dreams, different expectations , priorities and
a complete different personality , can be pointless on a mere project point of view, but we are
working also on an emotional point of view hence I’d love to gently escort you in my sparkling and
glittering little world , where many couples have already lived and loved the “Magnolia