Welcome to Magnolia’s blog and welcome in my life, my name is Silvia Bargagni and I have founded Magnolia Wedding Planner agency back in 2005 after I got married in Fiji Island, since then planning and producing Destination Weddings in Italy has been my love and life (you can read about me here – inserire il link alla bio – and my philosophy here – inserire il link alla philosophy – ).
I had been a Destination Bride, I had been in your shoes, so who can understand you better than me?

Differently from many other blogs about wedding planning and the wedding industry in general, this one won’t be a “marketing” tool only, although it’s by far the most perfect tool to widespread messages, explaining services and to showcase my portfolio, something I will for sure do of course, but I wish to use this space to share with the net-sphere my path, my steps and my two pieces of cents on this fantastic but yet so not known and underestimated industry.

Magnolia has taken few years ago a huge decision: to elevate the quality of its couples experience to an even higher level compare to the previous “life” and to work and study hard to satisfy bigger projects and expectations.
Since then I have maybe slowly but constantly moved in that direction.
I have published a new website beginning of last year that has worked as a bridge from old Magnolia to the newest revamped business of today; some glimpse of new wedding projects and partnerships that have given me vibes and determination to proceed with a difficult but satisfying journey have jeweled my career in this last period.

Among all decisions and experiences that I proudly lived this last year, I cannot help starting from the most incredible and breathtaking one : being a member of the International Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2018 held in Los Cabos – Mexico
I know that there are many different opinions about this Congress, some thinks it’s only a money-maker event, just showcasing the most famous wedding planners internationally, with no real advantage for the attendees, some are in love with it.
I must admit that at a first glance it could be seen with no doubts as a dreams distributor, a creator of expectations. But once back home, apart from the feeling of luck and proudness to have been invited and accepted as a representative of Italy for quality Destination Weddings, something more intense and deep has invaded my soul.

I have been invited to join this edition at the end of 2017 and I was in a particular moment of my career where everything was just perfect, many good clients, satisfactions and good incomes but I was feeling something was missing, so I jumped on the Congress train and trusted the Universe for this new path.
Have you ever experienced a moment of block in your career? and I am talking to everyone, you don’t need to be a wedding planner to understand what I was feeling because it’s a normal process in everyone’s business life: what do you do when you hit what you have initially built as a roof limit? That moment when you realize that you touch the roof top above you, the limit you have even unconsciously given to your possibilities for your business, that limit that is tucked in your head, you have not planned it on your business goals bucket list, but yet you can touch it.
Well I was touching it with both hands.
What I had initially, almost 14 years ago now, envisioned for Magnolia was now true, so now what?
Chances were to go on to repeat never endingly the same path, or to change.
The Congress has been the answer.
I won’t describe here the beauty of Los Cabos, the stunning events held for all members during the 3 days of Congress, from Mexican welcome night, to all the incredible gala dinners and parties thrown. This is only the superficial gold rolling on top of it.

Getting to know the most famous and qualified international top notch wedding planners exsisting, having the chance not only to listen to their stories and to attend to many upgrading courses held by them, but also to have talked with them during the breaks, the lunches and dinners, while on our shuttles back and from our amazing Luxury Resort Cabo Azul , THAT has been the incredible game changer.
To have the chance to talk about the “expectations” we all have from our businesses and to talk with planners working on Luxury and Royal Weddings about their personal “roof limits” and how everyone hits that roof regularly, made me understand where to take my next step.

The real amazing experience at the Destination Wedding Planner Congress had been to understand that quality and customer service and care, the study, dedication, talent and professionalism need always to take a step further otherwise the enormous passion all of us have for our job, will fade slowly away.

What did I learn from the Congress then?
I have gained more insights on many professional levels for sure, my expertise has widened with more quality and skills.
Moreover I have seen my limits through their eyes, I have seen why I felt blocked, why I was struggling a bit with my great achievements, to start from zero and with no help and shortcut I have built a successful business so that’s a great achievement indeed: you need to live, experience, be inspired by those that broke through their limits before you, because it’s just a matter of understanding when it’s time to move on and to expand your view and expect something more and different.

This new consciousness has led Magnolia to a more evolved direction, time to give to clients even more quality and assistance, an elevated experience because luxury starts from feelings and care to then dive deeper into professional skills and services.

Time to change the game with a new Logo, a new website, a new vision.

Welcome to Magnolia Wedding Planner for Luxury and Exclusive events by Silvia Bargagni.