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What should couples expect from living the “MAGNOLIA EXPERIENCE” ?
To answer I must recall something from the past:

I once heard this quote from the amazing Oprah Winfrey

“Let excellence be your brand
When you are excellent, you become unforgettable
Doing the right thing, even when nobody knows you are doing it or sees you, will always bring that
right thing back to you”

At that time, a bit more than a decade ago, I was struggling to understand where to begin in the wedding industry, how to identify my brand, how could I make everyone know me and appreciate my work.
When Oprah’s words reached me I was head bowed on my note pad while I was trying to write a wise thing for my back then new website while listening to one of her interviews. In that precise moment I knew that everything I was trying so hard to build with mere and cold marketing, website or business cards, was simply not enough. It will never be.

What I’ve realized since then, working, loving, failing, rebuilding, it’s that there are several important things in the process to create a successful business and most of them are strictly linked to the client’s experience

the love, the absolute totalizing passion for what you do
the knowledge and its continuous updating
the enormous respect for clients
the strong determination to produce always the best wedding ever

All these energies together create what is probably the greatest service you can find: the excellent one

During all these last years spent helping so many couples fulfilling their dreams of a destination wedding in Italy, I’ve learnt from every single new client, from every single new vendor and from every joy and pain, of my private life too, that nothing, believe me nothing, goes beyond being excellent in what you do.

That’s exactly what me, Silvia, Magnolia, convey and guarantee to my couples: excellence in supporting, caring, loving, helping, working with you, understanding, creating, trying to go beyond any imagination to fulfill their wedding wishes
Not only when they see me, but most of all when nobody is around, because it’s in that moment that you create the magic of the excellence, because my job is widely done when I’m alone in front of my desktop working to connect all the dots of an important organization and my couples deserve to get my pledge of taking high care of their dreams most of all when they are not with me.
As I had been a destination bride myself I know what it means to be far away, the least you can ask to your wedding planner is to be by your side and to totally care.

“Magnolia experience” is the qualified, reassuring, satisfying and cuddling service that Magnolia Wedding Planner assures to each and every client.
It comes out from love, determination, study, wounds and scars, from years of experience during which I’ve learnt how to produce the excellent result

If this is the whole that you’ve ever looked for in wedding planning service, you are in the right place: in my commitment for you.


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From the first response we knew this was our wedding planner. Silvia is a fantastic wedding planner. I can’t recommend magnolia wedding planner enough. People still talk about our perfect wedding. Jade&Sean

Silvia! What can we say except a massive thank you? From the very start of our wedding planning journey, we have found your knowledge and expertise second to none. This comes down to amazing planning . Jade&Phil