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Sam and Rupesh esclusive Indian wedding in Florence

“Once in a while, in an ordinary life, a fairy tale unfolds”. These words are tattooed in my heart. It’s the beginning not only of a moving and beautiful speech from the mother of the Bride, it’s far more that only this. It’s the real description of what Universe reserves for us all: love. When life seems to be hard and full of struggles and poor of joys, a fairy tale unfolds like wings of a butterfly and this is the true story of my loving Sam & Rupesh, my adorable Indian couple.

They fell in Magnolia’s lap just 3 months before their wedding date and since then have been my joy and my everyday smile. When planning an Indian wedding many factors play an important role as Indian celebrations are spreaded on many days, Indian rituals and traditions are severals and guests arriving to honor and love Bride & Groom are usually many and from different parts of the world. All this alone is a challenge, facing it in 3 months it’s like the cherry on top of a cake isn’t it?

But this fairy tale had a magic like no others have, the immense love, respect, passion, wiseness and trust Sam & Rupesh gifted me during their wedding organization go beyond imagination. And I think Magnolia has changed a lot with their fresh wind of love.

The summer had not been one of the sunniest ever, rainy days were pretty common all through summer months, but I still remember that after the umpteenth thunderstorm, just at the beginning of the Welcome night, sun begun to shine on this Big Indian Wedding and it had not left till the wedding celebrations ended. Call it good Karma.
It was with a gorgeous sun that me and my team welcomed all the international guests arriving from India, Kingdom of Baharain, Canada, Us and many other places at the trendy Obicà in the heart of the luxury shopping street of Florence. An Italian welcome at the most exclusive Mozzarella Bar in Italy and a well-known brand internationally. Artisanal pizzas, mozzarellas, pastas were the Benvenuto for all, what a wonderful way to start our 4 days of celebrations?

The Haldi, a traditional blessing pre-wedding ritual, had been the first ritual we dived in very early in the morning of the second day, at the glorious Four Seasons in Florence. With its bright yellow, red and orange colors that were the theme of the Indian style set up of the day. A small break for a quick rest and changing of outfits for the couple and we enjoyed the wonderful traditions of the Oonjal at sunset and Garba dance inside the incredible Convent Ballroom in Four Seasons Florence, where the international famous Dj and music producer Rajeev B delighted us with some of the greatest Indian Bollywood songs.

The Wedding Function happened at 9.30 am on the third day, after the nosiest and most joyful Baarat procession of the Groom with his red cherry Ferrari and the traditional Dhol player to escort him and his family and friends to the Mandap.

The Indian Function was held by an Hindu minister arrived from London and helped by the local Italian Hindu community for all the sacred garldands of flowers, blessed sweets and to support with blessing prayers. Sam wore a rich white and gold saree with red details for her wedding and was escorted by all her male family memebers to the Mandap. After a moving Kanyadaan and Hasta Melap , the moment when Bride’s parents “give their daughter to the Groom” , the couple enjoyed a rich lunch with their guests at the Temple garden inside Four Seasons Florence. They then changed quickly to a western outfit for a romantic gateway to relax and have some “couple only” photos at the most iconic spots in romantic Florence.

The Wedding Gala dinner was held at the gorgeous Villa Il Garofalo on Florence hills that overlook the city like a postcard. A perfect cocktail to welcome guests, a starry night recreated on the wonderful E shape table to give the Bride her highly requested dreamy mood, an elegant and refined dinner with a delicious Italian Millefoglie created as a live show lead us to the party where Rajeev B again delighted us with a professional and talented Dj show with western music while those wishing for some relaxing moment could enjoy a good Gelato pleasing their eyes with the highlighted Duomo the magnificent Florence Cathedral.

Last day the rich Farewell Brunch held at La Loggia, the panoramic luxury restaurant at Piazzale Michelangelo was the perfect way to say goodbye to all this incredible new family, an Indian family I wish I will be in touch with forever.

As we all said goodbye, the sky started to cry all over again with rains from that day on. “And we now have had the most wonderful fairy tale of a wedding. Most fairy tales begin with – a long time ago – or – once upon a time – have different stories, different paths, but they all end the same way: and they lived happily ever after”.

Four Seasons Firenze
Villa Il Garofalo

Bride attire and accessories:
The New Delhi Company

Groom preparation venue:
Palazzo Castri 1874

Four Seasons Firenze
Delizia Ricevimenti

Flowers arrangements:
Le Petit Jardin

Edoardo Agresti

Milaneschi Film

Indian rentals:
La Compagnia delle Tende

Make up artist:
Alessio Scolari For Diego Della Palma

Hair Stylist:
Chiara Degl’Innocenti

Rajeev B – B Famous Productions

Sound & Lights service:
Alma Project

Lights dinner set up + Mandap set up:

Prosecco car:

Ferrari rental:
Power Service

Wedding planning, Direction & Coordination :
Magnolia Wedding Planner


Wedding in Castello di Vincigliata

I have been blessed many times during my career with the chance to organize weddings in probably the most famous venue in Florence, Castello di Vincigliata and among all those times, Lauren & Daniel’s wedding has been hands down one of the most romantic and exclusive weddings I have been honored to work on.

The Castle is for sure one of the most elegant, unique and breathtaking venues all around Florence and it’s surprisingly flexible and suitable for many different types of events, so I don’t have to add how easy it has been to create a sophisticated mood with blush pinks and light dusty pinks, colors that Lauren (and myself) adores.

The day was an incredibly sunny and not so hot day of late June and we expected to have a bit of rain but ended up being so incredibly lucky on having a stunning day instead, fresh and slightly windy, just what we needed in a summer day.

The preparation has been done in one of my Partner Hotel where the atmosphere is classy and modern at the same time creating that luxurious feeling of pampering and cuddles that only selected hotels have and that the couple wanted for their special day.

The ceremony, a legal civil one held with the authorization of the City Hall of Fiesole, has been held on the main panoramic terrace of Castello di Vincigliata, where a stunning packed flowered romantic arch was waiting for the bride and her lovely bridesmaids entering with the gentle music from a harp. After a very intense ceremony, a rich traditional Italian buffet of aperitifs and antipasti has opened in the garden of the Castle where guests have been entertained by a swingy jazz group.

The stunning dinner U shape table has been set up in the outstanding Court inside Vincigliata Castle, where goldish tablecloths and white plus blush pink flowers created a statement flower arrangement. Every single detail has been carefully studied with the precious help of the bride, from the gold handmade name tags for every guest, to the mini bottles of Limoncello that have been presented as a gift along with some tasty Cantucci biscotti with chocolate chips.

The general look of the Court has been enhanced by many Led uplifter lights in the warm and deep gold color to give a glow and wow factor when the night has fallen on us The after dinner has been held inside the amazing Loggia just beside the Court where the Dj and his incredible lights and sound equipment has thrown the best party ever possible.

Mood of this wedding has been elegance, class and a sense of serenity that I’ll never forget.

Getting ready venue: Hotel Ville Sull’Arno
Venue: Castello di Vincigliata
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Videographer: Sbros Video
Caterer: Guidi Lenci catering
Lights and Dj: Gaetano Sicari DJ


Lavish Persian wedding in Chianti

When the bride-to-be Samira contacted me with her wedding project with still very few ideas and expectations, the only thing she was consciously clear of was how “international” her wedding would have to be. And she was totally right!

You could have counted many countries around the world from where guests of Samira & Nicolai where coming from: Emirates, China, Sweden, Us, Iran, UK, Germany, Oman, Spain and many more. That was a truly good start of the incredible journey their wedding had been having such an international couple: a beautiful woman born in Iran, grown up in Sweden and living in Dubai and a handsome man with Chinese-Brasilian-Sweden heritages living in Dubai. Two of the most determined, clever and driven minded persons I have ever met.

The organization has been focused on guests experience, from the best selection of caterer and menu, to the best musical mood and for sure the most beautiful venue an Iranian bride can hope for to find in Tuscany, Antica Fattoria di Paterno, with its Iranian carpets, luxurious furniture and breathtaking panoramas on the Chianti, it was everything Samira could ever wish for.

It has been a quite complex event having three different ceremonies to be held at the venue: a religious blessing, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the so famous and spectacular Sofreh Aghd Persian ceremony, with various music soundtracks to enjoy the special moments that thanks to the excellent work of my professional DJ have resulted in a smooth process.

The dinner has been held in the hidden garden of the venue with a E shape table with elegant silver candelabras and some classy and wild flowers to enrich the style of the reception. As per Sweden tradition we had numerous speeches, around 27, and the dinner was superbly executed by the executive chef throughout the meticulous timeline we have created.

The party during the night has been spectacular with the American bar open on the main panoramic terrace while Iranian and Eastern music filled the air until late night.

Getting ready venue: Riva Loft
Venue: Antica Fattora di Paterno
Photographer: White Fashion Photographer
Video: Gattotigre videographer
Caterer & Flowers: Lo Scalco Catering
Lights & Dj: Gaetano Sicari DJ


A Scottish wedding in a Tuscan villa

Can I say it was the loveliest Scottish couple I have ever had the pleasure to work with? I definitely can. I have received the first contact from Mairi Clare during a long cold winter and she was a very kind but quite doubtful bride-to-be who was looking more than for a wedding planner, for a help in understanding if her idea for her destination wedding in Tuscany was doable and if it was the best solution for her expectations.

She was starting her project looking for a hotel venue for her reception, but as soon as I understood her to wish to party all night long and to have wonderful open views of my adorable Tuscan countryside, I led her to a completely different solution and asked her to opt for a plushy Tuscan Villa, the one you are used to seeing in poshy travel magazines.

The selection of the venue has been an incredible journey among the most superb Villas in Chianti near Florence, where we could transfer all guests from the city centre after the catholic religious ceremony and we have found the perfect place in a grandiose Villa in the heart of the well known San Casciano Val di Pesa area Mairi Clare followed with her lovely mum Nan, to whom I got so affectioned, all details from menu and wine tasting, to all the needed stationery, from the lavish flower arrangement for the dinner to the wonderful selection of musical interludes for the ceremony.

A ceremony that has been held in a Church inside the historical centre of Florence, really near to Ponte Vecchio, called Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli, which is renowned as the second Cathedral of Florence not for its dimension being a quite small Church compare to a Dome but for the richness of its sacred furnishings, frescos and decorations.

After the ceremony the newly wed couple has been greeted in their new life by a traditional bagpipes player who was waiting for them outside the Church and who welcomed the bride and groom at the Villa on their arrival once all guests have started their welcome cocktail The beautiful Italian garden on a side of the Villa gifted the guests with fresh wind and relaxing areas where to enjoy the excellence of Italian food while mingling.

Dinner has been set up in the amazing Court of the Villa with a spectacular U-shape table facing the unique panorama of the Tuscan vineyards property of the Villa itself. When the bagpipers player has escorted the newly wed couple to their seats, we have been kissed by a magnificent sunset highlighting the dinner table as a blessing from the above. The party went on with a delicious Italian Millefoglie created in front of guests, with a rich American bar and dancings till late night.

I’ll keep forever the memory of a really elegant, classy and gentle bride who helped me to create a chic event.

Venue: Villa Mocale
Caterer: Ciabatti Ricevimenti
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Make up Artist: Consuelo Cardella MUA
Bagpipers player: Nick MacVicar
Flowers: Le Petit Jardin
Lights & Dj: Gaetano Sicari DJ


Fashion elopement in Florence

Among all elopements I had the honor to organize and for good part of them to officiate as their celebrant in a symbolic ceremony, Jade & David’s one is the one time I can take a look at the photos and say “Wow this is the first time I can “breath” so much Florence from these photos”.

I have learned with Jade & David’s help how Florence is seen from a nonresident and what I found out is the most precious gift a Florentine could have hoped for: the true nature of this wonderful city.

This happened thanks to the couple attention to details and for their wish to “live” Florence at its best, choosing an early preparation that allowed them to be ready to go very early and take advantage of a still very relaxed city before all tourists passage. They really wanted not only an Italian elopement, they looked for and created with me a Florence elopement.
 From the amazing terrace overlooking Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous spots in the city, to the wonderful photos around the hidden narrow streets, the ones I only know of my city. The ones I pass each day, that I live personally as my “Florence”.

When they told me they wanted to have a Canadian photographer for their photos in Italy, I was happy but at the same time slightly worried of not getting the essence of such a special city, but oh boy if I was wrong.

Kelly had the most delicate and intense way to represent and showcase every single little detail I love Florence for, those details I have always thought no one could have figured out being too focused on photographing Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery and many other hugely famous pieces of arts. But he did.

And I can say he has been able to go beyond the “famous” Florence and get into the heart of it, having shot incredibly significant and vibrant pieces of real Italian life. A day to remember for sure, a grand Italian elopement, a wonderful destination wedding in Florence but more than everything else a huge lesson of love.


Same sex boho wedding in Tuscany

This is a very special wedding to my heart, one that I have been dreaming about for long, one that allowed me the freedom to style the event basically with no limit and with such a joy and excitement that it still feels unreal. Federica is a young woman working as a designer in the fashion and theatre industry and had been the first one to contact me to get a help to produce and translate into reality her wishes with an accurate attention to details and to create the most romantic but joyful mood possible for her wedding with a special lady called Claudia.

Apart from being two of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure and blessing to work with, their relaxed and kind manners and their clear views of the project, have been fuel to my creativity and to the fantasy of a blissed Tuscan wedding in a traditional Villa near Florence.

Despite the wedding being really intimate with only a few closest friends to participate to their happiness sharing their special day, the brides asked me to take care of the scouting of the venue first of all and all the other suppliers in the same manner of a big wedding would have required and in fact the Villa is usually perfect up to hundreds of guests, but was exactly what they were looking for, a traditional Tuscan Villa, with a immense Italian garden, not too far from the city and with a fabulous Lemon House to host the grandiose imperial table they had always dreamed to have.

The chosen date was a late May sunny day, with a ceremony held late afternoon at 6.00 pm to get the most of the “golden light” for the photos. The preparation of the brides had been really one of a kind moment being done inside the Lemon House itself. Federica & Claudia did not want to be separated for the preparation and decided that doing it directly in the ceremony and reception venue would have been a terrific solution also for their photos and oh boy if they were right. The getting ready photos are among the most beautiful I have ever seen in all my career.

The style chosen for the ceremony and the overall style for the outfits for the Federica and the bridesmaids and the “relaxing corner” with the Indian tent and the wedding cake showcase was a boho-chic combination, instead for the wedding dinner table we have agreed to get a wow factor for guests setting up a wonderful and ultra-rich imperial table with golden and marsala colors , with candelabras and full of romantic and dark greenery. A quite “dark” table indeed but a very elegant, mature and classy wedding table for sure.

After the ceremony held in the Italian garden, the couple spent few moments together to relax while guests were enjoying some good Prosecco and canapés, the dinner was served afterwards and after the really amazing food, the cake had been cut back in the Italian garden where some liqueurs and pastries were served along with a little gift from the brides: a Native American “dream catcher” to wish all to reach their dreams.

Venue: Fattoria di Travalle
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Catering: Calamai Ricevimenti
Flowers : Disegni di Nozze
Make up Artist : Consuelo Cardella MUA
Wedding Cake: Sugarcups


Elegant castle wedding in Tuscany

Seems I have a thing for international weddings and the evidence was the fabulous event held in the most amazing venue of Florence, Castello di Vincigliata, for a polish gorgeous bride a really handsome swiss with brits origins groom living in Zurich, with guests arriving from every corner of the world including Hong Kong and completely in love with Italy. Justyna is still in the memory of all her suppliers and of course in mine, for being the most detailed and precise bride we have worked with and that was a major factor for the wonderful work process we all had experienced with her.

The style for the wedding had to be elegant and chic from the very first step in deciding for such a spectacular and classy venue as Vincigliata , the rest of the styling work had been from that point on a relatively easy job considering the joy I always feel when working in this venue and with a style that I so adore. The second step had been selecting a small intimate and fantastic Church inside the heart of Florence near Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery, a Church that has a private space in front of the main door to allow the official arrival of the bride with her maid of honor and flower girls after the getting ready moments held in the spectacular Eden Rock hotel set on Fiesole hills with its glorious panorama on Florence.

After the Catholic ceremony held in English and partly in German to allow the Swiss part of the guests to follow the readings and prayers , the couple spent some time alone with the photographers and videographers around the most iconic spots in Florence for their photos sessions, while guests had been transferred to the Castle with some buses waiting for them at the side of the Arno river.
While bride & groom were finishing their photos, guests once arrived at the venue, organized themselves for a surprise for the newlyweds with dozens of white and red heart-shaped balloons and a traditional polish romantic songs to wish them a long loving life together. At the couple arrival with their wedding car, a stylish white Bentley, the balloons had been released in the air while the polish song welcomed Justyna & Basil who were very moved by this kind gesture.

The aperitifs and antipasti moment was held on the luxurious garden of the Castle while a jazz band delighted the party and delicious food was served by the qualified caterer.
The moment of the dinner was instead a great surprise for guests from the bride & groom who organized a baby grand piano just in the middle of the dinner Court to delight them all with a pianist and a talented singer. The visual impact of the piano at the centre of the Court had been a wow factor for all guests who enjoyed the pampering event Justyna & Basil had wished for them to give the most pleasant experience possible

After a very rich high-end dinner, the group had been escorted back to the panoramic terrace for the dancings and the open bar lasted till early hours of the next morning while the grand couple initials logo projected on the facade of the Castle was shining on them.

Venue: Castello di Vincigliata
Photographer: Studio Bonon
Caterer: Delizia Ricevimenti
Flowers: Le Petit Jardin
Dj & Musicians : Danceparty
Lights & Logo : Alma Project
Make up artist : Consuelo Cardella MUA


Villa wedding in Lucca

I can count on fingers of my two hands, times I have organized a wedding hand in hand with the groom and Thomas was an incredibly attentive and well-driven one who had a good sense of style and a very clever and wise way to sort out with me tasks of every wedding. Coming from London but with a bride with Caribbean heritage and the groom Polish origins, the wedding group ended up being a fantastic mixture of joyful people from all over the world bringing all their traditions to celebrate the lovely couple.

Lucca was the city chosen by the bride & groom to celebrate, a stunning medieval city near the seaside coast of Tuscany ,where history combines beautifully with art and nature and it’s there that we scouted the perfect venue for their dreams, Villa Bernardini, with its magnificent garden and the luxurious glasshouse where all the projects of the couple could have been satisfied
Thomas has been a perfect partner in organizing the wedding from finding the best venue to get ready, to the selection for the menu with the best of the Italian traditional food, from the flower arrangement to the music selection.

The preparation was held in a private apartment just in the heart of Lucca where the bride, the bridesmaids and flower girl meet up for the getting ready. Colors chosen for the handhelds of the wedding party were the incredibly fab bright yellow and silver grey that matching together created a unique sophisticated yet modern style for the wedding mood. The chic bride and her dad were escorted to the Villa, where the legal ceremony was authorized by the City Hall, with a gorgeous Bentley. The beautiful sunny end of May day allowed us to set up the ceremony outdoor in the garden facing the Villa with bright flowers and soft greenery for a romantic touch.

After the ceremony a rich aperitifs buffet had been served in the back garden of the Villa while the newlywed couple got their private time for some nice photos around Lucca. The dinner with elegant rounded tables and a long imperial top table decorated with different flower arrangements for each set, same colors for all but different materials and styles, was held in the glasshouse near the Lemon house of the Villa where the party was then afterwards held with a fantastic Dj, part of the guests, a colorful photo boot area and a good open bar.


Wedding in Umbria

One the few Italian couples I had the pleasure to work with was composed of two adorable guys from Arezzo who were looking for an international feeling and mood for their Italian wedding and working with a destination wedding planner was to them the best way to get that different and open-minded experience they needed for their project.

The first step was looking for the perfect venue as it had to be a perfect mix of traditional central Italy style, elegant indoors for any emergency plan B and the possibility to create a stunning al fresco dining to mesmerize their Italian guests. This venue was found in the heart of the most beautiful region near Tuscany, a region called Umbria that has a beauty and elegance in its landscapes and has such a wonderful food tradition that it’s becoming more and more popular among destination weddings.

The ceremony has been held in the picturesque Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the lovely medieval village of Corciano near Perugia, a religious and intense ceremony where the couple vowed to each other eternal love.

The trip to the reception venue has been quite short and a rich and gorgeous aperitifs and antipasti buffet were waiting for us with a Prosecco flute to welcome all guests, in the back garden of the venue.

The transition to the al fresco dinner area has been done passing the internal small court where I have decided to let guests find their escort card on top of a brand new Prosecco flute to continue to enjoy the party and they have been escorted to their seats by Magnolia hostesses for a pampering experience.

The three long imperial tables have been set up in the middle of the main court of the venue and enriched with wonderful tailor made glass boxes where hundreds of candles have been put to give a romantic and unique mood to the event.

The after-dinner party has been held again in the garden of the borgo till early hours in the morning with an incredible selection of drinks and desserts for every taste.



Deciding to hold your wedding at the opposite part of the world from where you seem mental to others not involved. I know it as I have done the same for mine when I got married in Fiji islands. But I have found in Fiona & Hamish an incredible sense of serenity when they contacted me from the really far away New Zealand telling me they wanted a “Tuscan wedding”.

The Villa chosen for the stay and for the wedding reception is among the most beautiful venues in the Chianti countryside and it’s called Castello di Cabbiavoli having a history as a proper Castle, the landscapes where it’s immersed are among the most breathtaking view you can hope for a stay in Tuscany. It’s a very intimate venue with only up to 20 guests capacity, but the court is just perfect to set up, as we did for Fiona & Hamish, a long imperial table with some romantic lights and a very Tuscan and easy full greenery made with baby’s breath and olive tree branches and some cute fairy lights to give a magical mood to the dinner.

After a very relaxed getting ready moment at the Castello, all guests have been transferred to the amazing Certaldo medieval village where we held a soulful ceremony in the Cloister of the City Hall. A good aperitivo afterwards to rest after so many emotions and to give time to the couple to enjoy the village with some good memory photos shot around the so famous streets with locals toasting with their vino to the newly wed.

Back to the Castle, we had a rich aperitifs and antipasti served in the panoramic garden of the venue, the dinner served in the court was gladdened as a surprise to the bride from her mother in law with an opera singer who has dedicated the couple a moving Ave Maria and a joyful Brindiamo a Capella.

The night danced away with the Dj and his glamours lights, with a gelato Ape car to refresh the hot summer season and with the promise to be back soon in such a wonderful piece of Tuscany.

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