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Fashion elopement in Florence

Among all elopements I had the honor to organize and for good part of them to officiate as their celebrant in a symbolic ceremony, Jade & David’s one is the one time I can take a look at the photos and say “Wow this is the first time I can “breath” so much Florence from these photos”.

I have learned with Jade & David’s help how Florence is seen from a nonresident and what I found out is the most precious gift a Florentine could have hoped for: the true nature of this wonderful city.

This happened thanks to the couple attention to details and for their wish to “live” Florence at its best, choosing an early preparation that allowed them to be ready to go very early and take advantage of a still very relaxed city before all tourists passage. They really wanted not only an Italian elopement, they looked for and created with me a Florence elopement.
 From the amazing terrace overlooking Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous spots in the city, to the wonderful photos around the hidden narrow streets, the ones I only know of my city. The ones I pass each day, that I live personally as my “Florence”.

When they told me they wanted to have a Canadian photographer for their photos in Italy, I was happy but at the same time slightly worried of not getting the essence of such a special city, but oh boy if I was wrong.

Kelly had the most delicate and intense way to represent and showcase every single little detail I love Florence for, those details I have always thought no one could have figured out being too focused on photographing Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery and many other hugely famous pieces of arts. But he did.

And I can say he has been able to go beyond the “famous” Florence and get into the heart of it, having shot incredibly significant and vibrant pieces of real Italian life. A day to remember for sure, a grand Italian elopement, a wonderful destination wedding in Florence but more than everything else a huge lesson of love.


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