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Luxury Intimate Italian wedding

Something amazing happened the first time I received Aileen’s request for an elopement in Italy with her partner and her two adorable girls: she was completely ready to trust my personal suggestion on the best solution for her romantic and exclusive wedding and that trust was the real fuel of all the quality and effort all the wedding team put on realizing her dream to perfection.

It has been an incredible journey as despite being an elopement for only four persons, Aileen & Matthew wished to live their project as a common wedding held with a group of guests without cutting any service “just because we are in four”, that meant to have at the end more professional team staff than guests, but it was that wish of looking to gift each other the most romantic and exclusive wedding in Italy that brought us to what you can see from these amazing photos.

The couple decided first of all for a private Villa in the luxurious countryside of Umbria, not too far from Perugia, for a long week of stay to enjoy fully the Italian experience and set their wedding date for the 15th June. Aileen was looking for a special venue to hold their ceremony that has been a purely symbolic one but full of emotions and deep with feelings thanks to the wonderful help of Fr. Mihail who personalized their ceremony in a very moving way, ended with a special union prayer to bless the new family. And what is more special about a ceremony like this than choosing the smallest Theatre in the world to hold it? A spectacular Theatre that has only 99 seats and it’s the perfect copy of the Prague one, that was really the wow factor that boosted their project.

After the lovely ceremony, a good Italian aperitivo was served on the panoramic square of the village that was hosting them: Monte Castello di Vibio. A good Prosecco toasting, few chips and some fresh water for the girls and the couple enjoyed the narrow and medieval streets of the village for a photo shooting.

The exclusive dinner was held at their private Villa with the help of a professional chef who delighted us, including the wedding team, with all the best from the Umbrian tradition but with a modern and contemporary twist suitable for a young American couple.

When I say that Aileen and Matthew wished to have the beauty of a proper wedding, you can understand what I mean taking a look at the incredible flower arrangement done for their table. An impressive outstanding small imperial table full of white and pinkish flowers with two stately crystal candelabras and many vintage tea lights holders to give a romantic and extremely rich look.

An adorable small naked cake expressly done was served on the Villa porch while a bit of rain was blessing the wonderful new family who taught us all that the word intimate does not exclude the word luxury.

Ceremony venue: Teatro della Concordia
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Videographer: Skyline Videographer
Make Up Artist: Consuelo Cardella MUA