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Tuscan rustic chic wedding

When a gorgeous woman living in Oman and a really handsome man living in Tel Aviv ask you to help them in their Tuscan wedding project, you simply cannot say no. From day one this extraordinarily beautiful couple had clear vision of their destination wedding in my wonderful Tuscany: they were looking for a venue where to create not only an event but an Italian experience lasting for few days, they were interested in “simple Tuscan” style, a traditional yet sophisticated venue where to host their friends and family. They were looking for the Tuscan perfect Borgo and as soon as I suggested them the venue they then confirmed, they just simply knew the road to their dreams was set in stone.

The wedding day, a mid July extremely hot day but with some fresh wind arriving from the sea, started with a very hectic preparation of the bride and all her bridesmaids in the sunny living room of the venue while the wedding team had started from early morning to set up the aperitifs buffet at the swimming pool area, overlooking the grandiose valley and the U shape table under the magnificent ancient trees of the Borgo.

In a strangely silent and quiet mid-afternoon, all guests arriving from many different parts of the world, started to arrive at Pozzo Alfredo , an old mine property of the City Hall of Montecatini Val di Cecina, a unique place where the couple has decided to held the legal ceremony, where a flute of Prosecco and some fresh water with mint or lemon were welcoming them to win the heat while waiting for the bride.

The ceremony held at the mine had been a very moving one with vows written by the bride and groom to cherish each other and to thank their guests and a light cocktail had been served just right after the ceremony to fresh up a bit before the trip back to the venue. A multi-language welcome sign greeted all guests at the venue arrival, where a Prosecco with strawberries had been served to all along their path through the cellars to reach the aperitifs buffet where one of the guests with his guitar had delighted us with few songs sang wonderfully.

At dinner was time for some delicious, traditional yet contemporary food that had been served by a very highly qualified caterer from Florence while the traditional speeches were entertaining guests.

The wedding cake and then the open bar continued back at the swimming pool area where a duo band arriving directly from London was playing until early morning.

Venue: Tenuta Mocajo
Caterer: Calami Ricevimenti
Flowers : Disegni di Nozze
Photographer: Funkybird Photography
Videographer: Sbros Video
Make up Artist : Consuelo Cardella MUA
Live Band: Fixthemusic