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Scottish wedding in Tuscan villa


A Scottish wedding in a Tuscan villa

Can I say it was the loveliest Scottish couple I have ever had the pleasure to work with? I definitely can. I have received the first contact from Mairi Clare during a long cold winter and she was a very kind but quite doubtful bride-to-be who was looking more than for a wedding planner, for a help in understanding if her idea for her destination wedding in Tuscany was doable and if it was the best solution for her expectations.

She was starting her project looking for a hotel venue for her reception, but as soon as I understood her to wish to party all night long and to have wonderful open views of my adorable Tuscan countryside, I led her to a completely different solution and asked her to opt for a plushy Tuscan Villa, the one you are used to seeing in poshy travel magazines.

The selection of the venue has been an incredible journey among the most superb Villas in Chianti near Florence, where we could transfer all guests from the city centre after the catholic religious ceremony and we have found the perfect place in a grandiose Villa in the heart of the well known San Casciano Val di Pesa area Mairi Clare followed with her lovely mum Nan, to whom I got so affectioned, all details from menu and wine tasting, to all the needed stationery, from the lavish flower arrangement for the dinner to the wonderful selection of musical interludes for the ceremony.

A ceremony that has been held in a Church inside the historical centre of Florence, really near to Ponte Vecchio, called Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli, which is renowned as the second Cathedral of Florence not for its dimension being a quite small Church compare to a Dome but for the richness of its sacred furnishings, frescos and decorations.

After the ceremony the newly wed couple has been greeted in their new life by a traditional bagpipes player who was waiting for them outside the Church and who welcomed the bride and groom at the Villa on their arrival once all guests have started their welcome cocktail The beautiful Italian garden on a side of the Villa gifted the guests with fresh wind and relaxing areas where to enjoy the excellence of Italian food while mingling.

Dinner has been set up in the amazing Court of the Villa with a spectacular U-shape table facing the unique panorama of the Tuscan vineyards property of the Villa itself. When the bagpipers player has escorted the newly wed couple to their seats, we have been kissed by a magnificent sunset highlighting the dinner table as a blessing from the above. The party went on with a delicious Italian Millefoglie created in front of guests, with a rich American bar and dancings till late night.

I’ll keep forever the memory of a really elegant, classy and gentle bride who helped me to create a chic event.

Venue: Villa Mocale
Caterer: Ciabatti Ricevimenti
Photographer: Andrea & Federica Tappo
Make up Artist: Consuelo Cardella MUA
Bagpipers player: Nick MacVicar
Flowers: Le Petit Jardin
Lights & Dj: Gaetano Sicari DJ


Villa Wedding in Lucca


Villa wedding in Lucca

I can count on fingers of my two hands, times I have organized a wedding hand in hand with the groom and Thomas was an incredibly attentive and well-driven one who had a good sense of style and a very clever and wise way to sort out with me tasks of every wedding. Coming from London but with a bride with Caribbean heritage and the groom Polish origins, the wedding group ended up being a fantastic mixture of joyful people from all over the world bringing all their traditions to celebrate the lovely couple.

Lucca was the city chosen by the bride & groom to celebrate, a stunning medieval city near the seaside coast of Tuscany ,where history combines beautifully with art and nature and it’s there that we scouted the perfect venue for their dreams, Villa Bernardini, with its magnificent garden and the luxurious glasshouse where all the projects of the couple could have been satisfied
Thomas has been a perfect partner in organizing the wedding from finding the best venue to get ready, to the selection for the menu with the best of the Italian traditional food, from the flower arrangement to the music selection.

The preparation was held in a private apartment just in the heart of Lucca where the bride, the bridesmaids and flower girl meet up for the getting ready. Colors chosen for the handhelds of the wedding party were the incredibly fab bright yellow and silver grey that matching together created a unique sophisticated yet modern style for the wedding mood. The chic bride and her dad were escorted to the Villa, where the legal ceremony was authorized by the City Hall, with a gorgeous Bentley. The beautiful sunny end of May day allowed us to set up the ceremony outdoor in the garden facing the Villa with bright flowers and soft greenery for a romantic touch.

After the ceremony a rich aperitifs buffet had been served in the back garden of the Villa while the newlywed couple got their private time for some nice photos around Lucca. The dinner with elegant rounded tables and a long imperial top table decorated with different flower arrangements for each set, same colors for all but different materials and styles, was held in the glasshouse near the Lemon house of the Villa where the party was then afterwards held with a fantastic Dj, part of the guests, a colorful photo boot area and a good open bar.


Wedding in Umbria


Wedding in Umbria

One the few Italian couples I had the pleasure to work with was composed of two adorable guys from Arezzo who were looking for an international feeling and mood for their Italian wedding and working with a destination wedding planner was to them the best way to get that different and open-minded experience they needed for their project.

The first step was looking for the perfect venue as it had to be a perfect mix of traditional central Italy style, elegant indoors for any emergency plan B and the possibility to create a stunning al fresco dining to mesmerize their Italian guests. This venue was found in the heart of the most beautiful region near Tuscany, a region called Umbria that has a beauty and elegance in its landscapes and has such a wonderful food tradition that it’s becoming more and more popular among destination weddings.

The ceremony has been held in the picturesque Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the lovely medieval village of Corciano near Perugia, a religious and intense ceremony where the couple vowed to each other eternal love.

The trip to the reception venue has been quite short and a rich and gorgeous aperitifs and antipasti buffet were waiting for us with a Prosecco flute to welcome all guests, in the back garden of the venue.

The transition to the al fresco dinner area has been done passing the internal small court where I have decided to let guests find their escort card on top of a brand new Prosecco flute to continue to enjoy the party and they have been escorted to their seats by Magnolia hostesses for a pampering experience.

The three long imperial tables have been set up in the middle of the main court of the venue and enriched with wonderful tailor made glass boxes where hundreds of candles have been put to give a romantic and unique mood to the event.

The after-dinner party has been held again in the garden of the borgo till early hours in the morning with an incredible selection of drinks and desserts for every taste.


Tuscan rustic chic Wedding


Tuscan rustic chic wedding

When a gorgeous woman living in Oman and a really handsome man living in Tel Aviv ask you to help them in their Tuscan wedding project, you simply cannot say no. From day one this extraordinarily beautiful couple had clear vision of their destination wedding in my wonderful Tuscany: they were looking for a venue where to create not only an event but an Italian experience lasting for few days, they were interested in “simple Tuscan” style, a traditional yet sophisticated venue where to host their friends and family. They were looking for the Tuscan perfect Borgo and as soon as I suggested them the venue they then confirmed, they just simply knew the road to their dreams was set in stone.

The wedding day, a mid July extremely hot day but with some fresh wind arriving from the sea, started with a very hectic preparation of the bride and all her bridesmaids in the sunny living room of the venue while the wedding team had started from early morning to set up the aperitifs buffet at the swimming pool area, overlooking the grandiose valley and the U shape table under the magnificent ancient trees of the Borgo.

In a strangely silent and quiet mid-afternoon, all guests arriving from many different parts of the world, started to arrive at Pozzo Alfredo , an old mine property of the City Hall of Montecatini Val di Cecina, a unique place where the couple has decided to held the legal ceremony, where a flute of Prosecco and some fresh water with mint or lemon were welcoming them to win the heat while waiting for the bride.

The ceremony held at the mine had been a very moving one with vows written by the bride and groom to cherish each other and to thank their guests and a light cocktail had been served just right after the ceremony to fresh up a bit before the trip back to the venue. A multi-language welcome sign greeted all guests at the venue arrival, where a Prosecco with strawberries had been served to all along their path through the cellars to reach the aperitifs buffet where one of the guests with his guitar had delighted us with few songs sang wonderfully.

At dinner was time for some delicious, traditional yet contemporary food that had been served by a very highly qualified caterer from Florence while the traditional speeches were entertaining guests.

The wedding cake and then the open bar continued back at the swimming pool area where a duo band arriving directly from London was playing until early morning.

Venue: Tenuta Mocajo
Caterer: Calami Ricevimenti
Flowers : Disegni di Nozze
Photographer: Funkybird Photography
Videographer: Sbros Video
Make up Artist : Consuelo Cardella MUA
Live Band: Fixthemusic


Villa di Maiano Wedding


Villa di Maiano wedding

I can say with no doubt that Jenna has been the most incredible fairy princessy bride I have ever had the pleasure to work with, so evanescent, so gentle, so well mannered, so elegant and charming that you could not avoid to fall in love with her and just be at her disposal for any wish. I have to admit that it has been a truly easy project being the couple so clear on their view and expectations, being so careful with every detail and to get all the best suppliers they could wish to have for their wedding.

That led us to a grandiose Villa near Florence famous for its breathtaking view on Florence and on the hills around the city and for its amazing panoramic terrace where you can play with organizing any type of setups your creativity can work on
Jenna & Graham were looking for a religious blessing that was held in the fabulous Anglican Church of St. Marks in Florence after an emotional and joyful preparation of the wedding party in one of the most historical and famous hotels in Florence with its beautiful views on San Maria Nuova Church.

The date chosen, the 1st September, a Monday, was the most beautiful day seen on that summer, spent with lots of rains actually, it was just the perfect weather to kiss the newlyweds and their international guests in sunny Italy. The bride & groom after the ceremony left the group to have some photos around the most famous places and at some amazing spots just outside the city, photos that are unavoidable for a destination wedding in Florence, with their rented Fiat 500, another true Italian icon of “La dolce vita”.
In the meantime, guests were free to mingle around and rest a bit before being transferred to Villa Maiano where a welcome cocktail and the music from a string duo composed of a violin and a harp was filling the air.

At the arrival of Jenna & Graham all guests welcomed them at the entrance of the venue and after few final shots with the Fiat 500 and a scenic entrance at the Villa, they joined the group for the aperitifs and antipasti held in the luxurious garden while the classical string duo was still entertaining them.

At the sunset, all guests took their seats at the dining area set up on the panoramic part of the terrace while a fresh wind was refreshing the air. The rounded elegant dinner tables were set up with fine linens and porcelains and enriched with beautiful candelabras with colored flowers. The Dj entertained all with dance nostalgia songs for the rest of the night.

Getting ready venue: Grand Hotel Minerva
Church : St. Marks Church
Make up Artist : Azzurra MUA
Photographer: Carlo Carletti photographer
Venue: Villa di Maiano
Flowers : Funkybird

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