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Do you work only in Tuscany?
In this moment I mainly work in Tuscany and our twin region, the amazing Umbria.  I have successfully organized weddings in other parts of Italy as Como Lake, Maggiore Lake, Sardinia, Lombardia and abroad in Uk and France. I am working on expanding the area of business to all Italy, Europe and Mediterranean area as I’m totally fascinated by planning destination weddings!  Stay tuned for news.
Drop me a message and we can schedule the first consultation on Skype to talk about your project.

Do you have your own team of trusted suppliers?
I do have a portfolio of many selected talented and highly trusted suppliers on each type of service and venues, I usually work with suppliers I  can understand the quality as qualified and experienced ones of the wedding industry
I cannot suggest you someone who is not a professional, who has zero experience or that I have doubts on. The result of your wedding is strictly linked to this aspect and it’s important to get into professional hands
Planning a wedding is not based on a simple research on Google for some contacts, what I bring to the table is my 12 years of experience and relationship with your future wedding staff, that what gets us to the outstanding result.

Are you charging a flat fee or a percentage fee?
I charge a flat fee for my services. This fee is based on the project: number of guests, number of days involved, complexity of the project and how many assistants I may need to plan, coordinate and hostess the event perfectly to fulfil your dreams. This means it’s of the utmost importance to have a preliminary and totally complimentary call to talk together about your project and expectations,

Do you have assistants and planners to help you?
I do have a business assistant and a planning assistant to help me managing all the projects smoothly, a design and production team, junior and senior coordinators and Stewarts/hostesses for the day, but I’m the one who will answer your requests, who will listen to your dreams and needs, who will sort out the best solution and will help you throughout the wedding organization process. I’m the one you’ll relate to for all the period of organization and the only responsible for your wedding day. It’s me you get the chance to trust from the very first email

How many hours of communications do we get with your service?
Unlimited emails and communications. I don’t believe in restricting our amazing relationship in few hours and emails.
The first Skype consultation is no time limitation and completely complimentary

How many visits can I organize in Italy to meet you, see the venue, do the tastings etc?
Depending on the project I include a number of guided visits, meetings and tastings, completely scheduled in detailed
Usually 2 but it really depends on the project and request.

Is it difficult to prepare all the documents to get married in Italy?
No, at all, there are rigid protocols to follow but few and clear instructions, there are some tricky points but you’ll be in good hands as I have followed many couples on legalities for their wedding in Italy. Every situation must be studied at initial consultation though

How many days do I have to be in Italy before the legal ceremony?
At least 2-3 working days before the ceremony to attend to a declaration appointment set at the City Hall offices. If the wedding is on a Tuesday, probably the declaration appointment can be scheduled on the previous Friday, for example. My suggestion is: wait to get your wedding flights until you have the confirmation of this appointment or at least allow enough room for it.
Check Legalities for more info

Can you help me with partial planning or just a few researches?
I only work on Full Planning projects

Can you escort us to a site inspection before having confirmed your assistance?
Sure! Magnolia rule is really easy on this: if you have confirmed my assistance, there are a certain number of escorted and guided days/visits that I’ll be really happy to spend with you, included in our contract (you’ll get the exact number on my initial quote)
If you prefer to visit venues to decide which is the “perfect” one before confirming any professional assistance, there will be a site inspection fee (calculated on the base of how many venues you wish to visit and where)

Contact, email, call me for any assistance and inquiry

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