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Striving to find always the best way to get an outstanding “Magnolia Experience” for my couples, I lately have ended up partnering with  a powerful online platform that will help us working on your destination wedding projects more easily.

As quickly as saying “I’d love a bit of choco” and eat the last piece voraciously, one of these tools has become my all time favorite!

What me and my couples are working on in this moment is an amazing online management tool, one of those online platforms that allow us to get everything sorted out neatly and easily.
It is simply perfect to get all the management of your wedding in one place avoiding to miss things when sending out tons of emails as especially during the last period of the preparation, the quantity of emails sent can be absolutely overwhelming
All tasks are listed organized by category (ceremony, reception, guests, due payments etc) and inside all tasks there are all the things we have to work on together with the possibility to assign duties, schedule a dead line for a task, list the due payments for vendors, alarm service to recall important tasks, keeping track of the budget and many many more functionalities.
From budget revisions, design studios to complete timelines for the wedding day and checklists of all your tastks, we will have everything at the touch of one hand
We can keep a database of all the most important files ,from invoices to contracts , we can send each other messages and links

As new clients you receive  via email an invite to join the onlne platform and you you can log in with your personal chosen account name and password also from the handy App you can downlaod on you mobile devices

Have you ever dreamt of getting the florist contract or wedding day timeline while sipping a Martini with your girlfriends? Now you can!

In “Magnolia experience” excellence is also using efficient tools to work on together