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Day of – coverage

You have already selected and booked all the perfect vendors for your special day, everything is sorted out nicely, contracts have been signed, deposit paid, all settled.

Great! You have done a really stunning job to arrive at your wedding day with all the jigsaw pieces in your hands.

Now it’s time to combine them together to create the amazing final picture of your wedding:there is a detailed (very detailed) program to set up for your vendors, a master timeline for all guests, double contact everyone previous days to check everything is in place, handle all the last payments and much more

What you probably need is the professional help of a “WEDDING COORDINATOR & MANAGER”

This what I can help you with my “Day of – coverage” service :

  • First Skype call with bride & groom to get all the vital notes and contacts
  • Contacts of all vendors to double check their services and needs
  • Creation of a personalized detailed program of the day for each vendor involved
  • Meeting with bride & groom at their arrival in Italy for a complete walkthrough
  • Management of the ceremony and reception with qualified assistants and hostesses
  • Distribution of last payments and gratuities to vendors
  • Management of guests transfers to ceremony venue and to reception venue, plus return to their accommodations
  • Ensure all vendors arrive on time and execute their programmed services
  • Simplify the arrival of all vendors, their equipment set up and dismantle
  • Helping guests throughout the wedding day for any necessity
  • Sos emergencies handlings

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Important note:
Due to high requests received for “Full planning” service, “Day of-coverage” service is offered not more than 5 months before the scheduled wedding date.

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