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If you are here it means that you recently got officially engaged (or that you are secretly sure that the blingy ring will pop up soon during a romantic dinner inside your choco dessert) and Italy is what you have always dreamt of, it can be the perfect location for your blissful destination wedding and now you are looking for the best wedding professionals to help you tailoring your project in a smooth and enjoyable way.

Getting married in Tuscany, my home, is something that, you’ll realize soon during your preparation, goes beyond any imagination. Food, venues, colours, landscapes, people, sounds here seem almost created to make you feel at home or deeply immersed in that wonderful picture of Tuscan hills that you have seen somewhere or in a lovely frame of a movie shot in Florence, a sweet dream of what La Dolce Vita experience can feel like.

But when you sit down at your table trying to connect the dots of all the several things to consider, study, persons to contact (sometimes even with a foreign language barrier), costs and many more tasks, the glitter starts to fade.

I do remember incredibly well what it means to start projecting everything by myself when I got married on Fiji Island in MY destination wedding. I was head over heels with joy and excitement but at the same time, I was scared of the unsure, afraid of not having someone to fully trust on site, frightened of booking the wrong vendor, simply terrified of no one showing up at the wedding day.

Having a wedding planner is having a trusted advisor and mentor always by your side, no matter which are the situations, no matter the complexity of the project, a professional who can mediate between you and vendors, who can schedule appointments and keep tracks of the several tasks of a wedding organization abroad and in the meantime being the perfect help to create an AH-mazing project in every and each detail.

Let’s dive deep into the “FULL PLANNING” service

  • Unlimited consultation, emails, Skype calls, phone calls
  • Budget development from beginning of organization and reminder of due payments
  • Scouting the perfect venues for your wedding ceremony and reception (and all other events you may need to organize as rehearsal dinner, thank you brunch, engagement party and many more)
  • Planning on-site sessions including site inspections, menu tastings, briefings with vendors involved (with a limitation of quantity tbc)
  • Complete guided walkthroughs of the wedding day and the days connected to the event
  • Assistance with selections and booking of every vendor needed for the event(s)
  • Coordination of rental items and furnishings including custom lightings
  • Entertainment development and management
  • Childcare service if needed from professionals
  • Room layout-floor plan design and online management of seating chart
  • Sourcing welcome gifts
  • Marquee wedding logistic and plan B walkthroughs
  • Creation of timeline, master list, program of the day in details for every vendor
  • Wedding Website creation and management
  • Wedding day coordination production from setting up for the entire day to end of reception (till the very last guest has left the venue) including assistants and hostesses

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My name is Silvia Bargagni .My surname is actually difficult to say also in Italian, don’t worry too much if you can’t read it properly, for a good part of the universe I’m just  Silvia Magnolia


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