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If you are looking for a qualified expertise in helping you out with the legalities of your civil ceremony in Italy, this is the perfect service for you
Despite the processes (all of them actually) being relatively easy in general, it may be difficult to access the info, the offices, the persons in charge and the fees

As I have been a destination bride myself I know terribly well the struggle to get all the (right btw) information on which documents are to be prepared, where to go and what’s the correct process

A good part of the overwhelming game is, in fact, getting answers from the relative offices in time or at all and communicate in a foreign language (let’s face it, Italian offices are not always a good example of international customer service)
Having someone on site, Italian mother tongue, that has a quick access to all the needed information, who can escort you through the procedure with ease and serenity is something I believe is of an immense value.

I wished I could had a professional help for my legal ceremony, though I spoke English quite well and the offices were extremely helpful, I was…you know..the bride hence with all my excitements, with my worries, nerves and all that’s about being a bride.

The last thing you’d want to take care of in that moment, in that special moment, instead of scouting the perfect inspiration for your bouquet, is to call offices, handling rules and foreign laws

Let’s immerse in this OH-SO-USEFUL “LEGALITIES” service:

  • Legal paperwork workout detailed instructions for any nationality
  • Assistance to get your Nulla Ostas (or similar due documents) done with the relevant Embassies in Italy and the other requested documents for the City Hall where you get married
  • Handling of all the communications with the offices
  • Legalization of the documents issued by Authorities from outside EU at the Prefettura office
  • Escorting service to the necessary appointments (when in Rome based Embassies with my onsite assistant)
  • Translation service during the declaration appointment before the ceremony, held in Italian (mandatory by law) *
  • Translation service during the legal ceremony that is held in Italian (mandatory by law) *
  • Legalization of wedding certificate to be valid in your home country
  • Shipment of 2 copies of the wedding certificate to your address with registered mail
  • SOS Service for Us Citizens in case of problems on Nulla Osta or Atto Notorio

Contact me for a personalized quote

* in case of English translation I’m taking personal care of the services during appointment and ceremony, in case of different language there will be an extra translator in your mother tongue language

– Please indicate me when enquiring for a help, your nationality and where you reside in this moment, as processes change depending also on where you live
– Women cannot get legally married if divorced or widow from less than 300 days, so check out the exact date of the divorce or death certificate
– There is an appointment to schedule before any legal ceremony, that happens to be 2-3 working days before the wedding so please allow room when planning your stay in Italy
– Please allow at least 6 months before the wedding for the legal procedure. Any last minute enquiries will be esteemed to guarantee you the result

Full planning

Getting married in Tuscany , my home, is something that, you’ll realize soon during your preparation, goes beyond any imagination. Food, venues, colours, landscapes, people, sounds here seem almost created


Day of – coverage

You have already selected and booked all the perfect vendors for your special day, everything is sorted out nicely, contracts have been signed , deposit paid, all settled.

Guests concierge

Guests remember first of all how they felt at your wedding, from that emotion they can remember all the rest of the glowing details you have worked on Their memory of your day will highlight yours forever

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